The national lockdown has been tough on the wallets of South Africans.

This has resulted in many looking for alternative ways to make money during these difficult times.

One way that many South Africans have achieved this is through cryptocurrency investment platform OVEX.

OVEX offers a variety of ways to invest in cryptocurrency, which are detailed below.

Interest accounts

Interest accounts are a great way to make passive and consistent income through cryptocurrency.

They operate similarly to a normal savings account, in that you simply put your cryptocurrency into the account and then sit back and watch as you accrue interest on your investment.

You can earn up to 20% annualised interest depending on the interest account you choose, with this interest being paid out on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage

Arbitrage is fast becoming one of the top ways to make money through cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage exploits the different pricing of cryptocurrencies in different countries.

For example: BTC/ZAR markets have traded at a premium of 4.6% when compared to BTC/USD markets on average.

OVEX offers instant trading. This means you don’t have to worry about the value of your cryptocurrency purchases and pricing changing between trades.

Over-the-counter trading

Finally, the high-volume OVEX over-the-counter trading platform is ideal for high net-worth South Africans and institutions who want to invest in cryptocurrency with unmatched execution and settlement services.

This trading desk is open 24/7 and offers low fees, ultra-deep liquidity, and full asset support – making it the perfect place for your high-volume cryptocurrency investment needs.

Start investing with OVEX

These three investment types offered by OVEX are easy to access and provide great returns.

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