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Earn $15 worth of QTUM

Complete the QTUM Course and earn $15 worth of QTUM while learning about the Quantum blockchain platform.

Earn 0.2% when you sell Bitcoin for Rands

OVEX pays you 0.2% to place ask orders on the BTC/ZAR market (maker and taker).


Buy TrueUSD tokens with your Rands

A TrueUSD Faucet in partnership with TrustToken. Coming soon to OVEX.

Earn interest on your crypto

A revolutionary new type of interest account. Earn up to 7% on your wallet balance.

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A weekly cryptocurrency lottery that's completely free. Learn more

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Cryptocurrency Markets

Market Price 24h Change 24h Volume
BCH/BTC 0.038918

/ R5883.64

/ $376.01

+0.00% 0.0 Trade
BTC/TUSD 9661.7

/ R149756.4

/ $9661.7

+0.12% 0.152495 Trade
BTC/ZAR 151180.4

/ R151180.4

/ $9753.57

-3.71% 0.129857 Trade
ETH/BTC 0.0272

/ R4112.11

/ $262.8

+0.35% 4.758681 Trade
LTC/BTC 0.007909

/ R1195.69

/ $76.41

+0.00% 0.0 Trade
QTUM/BTC 0.000257

/ R38.85

/ $2.48

+0.00% 0.0 Trade

/ R15.5

/ $1.0

+0.00% 0.0 Trade
XZC/BTC 0.000644

/ R97.36

/ $6.22

-3.59% 218.271593 Trade
XZC/ZAR 108.54

/ R108.54

/ $7.0

+0.00% 0.0 Trade

Our Advantage

Military grade security

When we say OVEX is secure, we mean it. Our state of the art security system has multiple layers of protection and round-the-clock risk monitoring.

Selection of cryptocurrency markets

We support some of the world's top cryptocurrencies. You can now trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins all in one place.

Superior technology

We've built an exchange from the ground up. Our matching engine can process 1,000,000 trades per second, making OVEX one of the fastest exchanges in the world.


OVEX works with some of the world's leading cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. Plus we're backed by some of the world's top investors. We may be new, but we're here to stay.

Earn interest

We're working hard to create a revolutionary new type of savings product. The OVEX Cryptocurrency Interest Account will enable you to earn up to 7% interest on your wallet balance.

Simple and advanced trading

Whether you're an advanced trader or just getting started, OVEX is for all types of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Verify your account in seconds

Verify your identity in a matter of seconds. We've partnered with Civic for their secure, instant and decentralized identity services.

Secure storage

All withdrawals need to be authorised by a majority of OVEX partners, vastly improving the security of your account.

Full API access to your account

Use data to trade programmatically. Build an integration in just a couple of minutes using the OVEX Postman Collection and API Documentation. WebSocket API coming soon.

    1     // Require https
    2     var https = require('https');
    4     // Get 100 most recent trades on BTC/ZAR market
    5     var options = {
    6       'method': 'GET',
    7       'hostname': '',
    8       'path': '/api/v2/trades?market=btczar&limit=100&order_by=desc',
    10    };
    12    var req = https.request(options, function (res) {
    13      var chunks = [];
    14      res.on("data", function (chunk) {
    15        chunks.push(chunk);
    16      });
    17      res.on("end", function (chunk) {
    18        var body = Buffer.concat(chunks);
    19        console.log(body.toString());
    20      });
    21      res.on("error", function (error) {
    22        console.error(error);
    23      });
    24    });
    26    req.end();

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